Meet & Greet Arrival Information

Easy As One, Two, Three

Upon arrival to Orlando International Airport, your plane will dock at a gate on one of the two terminals regarded as “A” and “B”.  Follow the signs to the terminal shuttle which will take you to the main terminal.  The main terminal houses all arrival and departure services.  When exiting the terminal shuttle, you are on level 3 (The uppermost level).  The baggage claims are divided into sides “A” and “B”, just like the docking terminals.  You will be guided by signs to which baggage claim contains your airline.  Proceed one level down, by way of escalator, to level 2 Baggage claim.

If you have requested a Meet & Greet pick-up, the base of the escalator is where the driver will be awaiting you.  You can identify your driver by the sign he is holding which will state: Town & Country Welcomes- “your name”.  In the event that you reach baggage claim, and do not identify your driver, don’t panic.  When there is a group of drivers collected in the Meet & Greet area it can be easy to overlook your sign.  Simply proceed to the baggage carousel your luggage will be coming in on, and if you have not been approached by your driver by the time you’re ready to go, call us at (407) 828-3036, and will assist you in locating your transportation.

In the event that you have not reserved a Meet & Greet pick up, and are instead seeking a shuttle to your hotel, just call us at (407) 828-3036, and we will guide you by visual aides to the shuttle pick up spot for that day.